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    Well, I have seen in the last months a couple of activity checks from squadron commanders on the message board, other people that digged out 2 years old activity topics or topics where ppl asking if anyone is alive.

    First of all, activity tracking. Before a squadron commander thinks on making AWOL checks he should start with activity tracking. A commander of a unit should usually be aware what the members in his unit are doing.

    -Well, on ladder and tournament score boards can be seen if members had been gaming in the last time, they can be found here:

    -On the main page are often mentioned when officers got medals. Older news are stored in the archives:
    These lists are often pretty long, but you can use a search function of your browser to easyly find if the name of an officer in your unit are mentioned.

    -If you know the nick of your officer on the message board, you can check his profile on the message board, seeing, when your officer made the last posts. An overview about the registred members can be seen here:

    -You can also ask people in the channel if they have seen the member you are looking for in the last time

    ... There are a couple of sources to track if an officer was active, the Fifth's Exploit, the Medal Database ...

    Well, if you're squadron commander and what to check if your members are AWOL, you should e-mail them. If members don't answer you per e-mail the chance isn't too high they will answer you in a thread. You can also sent the person a private message on the message board if your members is registred. You can also try to contact your person another way.

    What if you see a person active competing in a tournament or a run on but not repliing to your AWOL check. Well AWOL checks are for those you don't know they are active, if you see a member being active a response to an AWOL check is unimportant.

    Carrier Captains and Wing Commanders can do the same as the squadron commanders to make AWOL check or simply send mails/pm/... to their squadron commanders to make AWOL checks for their squadrons.

    Well, you are member in the fleet and donno what's going on. You want to know what's up in your squadron and so. In these cases as well, contact your Vice Squadron Commander, Squadron Commander, Wing Commander and/or Carrier Captain per e-mail/pm ...

    Usually it's the job of the Squadron Commander, Wing Commander and Carrier Captain to keep members up to date on what's happening in your unit. Default per e-mail, but can be per instant messanger, private message, IRC or whatever you want to do as well.
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    In short; Please don't use the Forums for activity checks, it's the wrong medium for that. E-mail should be the obvious first choice, followed by a forum PM and maybe IRC. I've locked some old activity check threads to prevent bumping of year old topics that no one reads.
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